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~Amarook Pyrography~

Pyrography/Wood Burning projects

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Wood burning projects



July 24th, 2009

 Hello, I'm new to the group. I do one wood burning project per year. (It's all I have time for!)

This is my 2009 project. I have high hopes that it will continue my trophy winning title at the county fair. I have won first place in wood burning every year so far and this will be my last entry.

May 3rd, 2008

Dobe plaque


November 12th, 2007

Here is the work in progress... Keep in mind this is very rough still. 

This is the portrait for the Hello Bully auction. 
I've really been dragging butt on getting it done. 

I'm pretty happy with most of it...
But the nose is PISSING ME OFF. 
I alway have trouble with noses. But if I go away, and come back with fresh eyes, it'll be ok. 

So I had to get away from it for tonight. I'll go at it again tomorrow.

Besides, my hand was killing me. It starts to get cramped after a couple hours of burning. 

October 27th, 2007

Tasha's portrait.

About a month or so ago, I FINALLY finished Tasha's portrait. It was mostly done. But, I still had to add the finishing touches. Her name, her birthdate, I used paint to hightlight her eyes, her nose, and the little bit of white on her chin. Then I painted the outer edge, and gave it a clear coat. I like how it turned out. It's really hard to get a good picture with the clear coat. I took several and this was the best. Let me know what you think.


September 9th, 2007

Done today.

Since I was in a lazy mood, I didn't feel like doing anything to detailed.
And I thought.. "I haven't done a pirate theme yet!"

So here it is.

September 6th, 2007

The pit pup my friends Rayvenfaerie and thought_addict were trying to help.
As I was working on it, I wasn't too happy with it. But I think it's ok.
Not one of my best peices that's for sure... but I haven't been doing much wood burning lately... might be a little rusty.

April 17th, 2007


Hi there! I know a while back you had complimented Bailey! I have been taking pics and I will post a couple. If you like, feel free to use him! He is doing well, but he has to have eye surgery soon for entropion.

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December 23rd, 2006

Here they are...

My finished Christmas gifts for my sister and her hubby. I still have to put the hanger thingys on the back, 
but aside from that they are stained and sealed.
What do you think?

"The Buck"

"The grizzly"

Do you think they will like 'em?

I'm pretty happy with them. :)

December 20th, 2006

Stoopid Walmart


Well, Wal*mart hasn't restocked their wooden stars. 

Fortunately I have enough to fo "just" the great grand children of Jeff's grand parents. 

I was also going to do his Uncle's kids, cause he has 3 little ones... But, I've never even met them, and they are cousins... so I think great grandchildren is a good cut off. 

I was also going to do the grandkids on my side. Brianna, Nina, Tyler, Shane & Natalie... But I have to find more stars. :(

By august next year, I hope I have my own scroll saw. Then I can make my own shapes and not have to depend on a stupid store to carry what I need. 

I'd really like to make a whole series of ornaments and try to sell them in local gift shops that specialize in crafty stuff. 

We'll see what happens. 

I'll post pics of these ornaments when they are done. :)

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